Testimonial Data4 DC15 France

Business Manager – Engie (February 2022)

« We have rented over 30 loadbanks from Rentaload to carry out electrical and thermal testing for a large datacentre in France – these were 200kW and 300kW Low Delta T loadbanks.

We also took on the connected function of the loadbanks to be able to control the whole fleet remotely via 4 supervisory PCs (as we had 4 poles), which proved to be extremely convenient. A real time saver! Thanks to this and to the powerlocks cables (which allow « Plug and Play ») we were able to considerably reduce the number of personnel on site. No need to run around, everything could be controlled by one person and 4 supervisory PCs. This is a real time saver. Moreover, the application is relatively intuitive and easy to use.

Thus, our tests went very well. We are very pleased with the overall service provided by Rentaload, both in terms of the equipment and the associated services!”

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