Testimonial projet Global Switch France

Business Group Manager – Bouygues Energies & Services

“We had to perform level 4 and 5 (*) tests for a large data center in Paris. We went through Rentaload to get a turnkey service: rental of load banks and accessories (shelves, plugs, cables and measurement accessories) to perform the tests, delivery, installation and complete commissioning service (**).

We have rented about 60 of their 7 KW SMART rack-mounted loadbanks, which act as real server emulators. We were satisfied with this equipment. They are indeed very good products. However, there were a few failures during testing and we wish we had had a Rentaload technician on-site at the time to help us troubleshoot these few issues. We’ll find out next time.

We were also satisfied with the Commissioning service. The 2 Rentaload experts who came to carry out the tests were really competent and extremely responsive to the requests of the client and the design office. A lot of details could be sorted out on the spot, which we really appreciated (= time saving)! The final test report took a little longer to arrive, but the customer was still very happy with the service. “

(*) Level 4 = Functional performance test – Level 5 = Integrated systems test

(**) test protocol written in advance, testing carried out by 2 Rentaload experts on-site, data recorded and processed and a final test report produced for the client.

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